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FLOWBEE - Questions
Frequently asked questions & Trouble shooting

What lengths will the Flowbee cut my hair?

The Flowbee cuts hair lengths from 1/2" to 6" long at any 1/4" increment . Additional spacers may be purchased if you desire longer lengths of hair. You should not try to cut more than 1/2" in length at a time.

Will the Flowbee work with any vacuum?

The Flowbee works with 90% of those vacuums with a hose attachment capability. The power output needs to be 3 hp. or 8 amps. The more power your home vacuum has the more efficiently your Flowbee will operate. Also great for Central vacuums. Flowbee recommends the use of its super mini-vac.

What type of information is available to help me get started cutting hair with the Flowbee?

We offer an instructional video tape which can be purchased by going to the Order page.

Can my children use the Flowbee?

Yes, with adult supervision.

How long will my Flowbee last?

The Flowbee is designed to give hundreds of precision cuts if properly cared for. It is recommended to change the blades every couple of years.

Can the blades on the Flowbee be sharpened?

No, the precision design of the cutting head does not allow for this. One option is to order our replacement blade set which comes with instructions.

I have an older Flowbee unit, are replacement parts still available?

Yes, parts are still available. It is necessary to determine whether your unit is an earlier design or the newer Flowbee design. (This may be determined by looking on the outside cover that covers the blades - molded into the plastic it will say Vac-u-cut or Flowbee). If your Flowbee says Vac-u-cut we no longer have parts.

My Flowbee runs (the motor turns) but the blades don't move. How can this be repaired?

This problem is generally a worn cam assembly.

Is the Pet Groomer still being marketed by Flowbee?

No, However the Flowbee may be used on pets with a Pet attachment. Your pet should be shampooed and all mats brushed out before you Flowbee your pet. Please note when cutting your pets coat down to 1/2" inch it is essential to use the pet attachment. This will keep the pets skin in place. Do Not try to cut more than 1/2" inch of hair off at a time.